ePaper Display

Innovative radio technology for maximum battery lifetime

Wireless ePaper Displays

With the LANCOM Wireless ePaper technology, you can experience a real world’s first! The innovative LANCOM access points of the E series allow professional WLAN coverage combined with the wireless update of Radio-controlled, battery-operated displays. Thanks to this optimal combination of single components, the seamless and parallel operation of all radio applications are guaranteed.

Modern ePaper technology

LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays grant a flicker-free view from any angle. As a result, the contents are always perfectly readable in ambient light. In addition to that, the Wireless ePaper technology requires very little energy since it only requires power when the display content is changed.

Maximum avoidance of interferences

Thanks to the optimally synchronized technology in the new LANCOM access points of the E series, the trouble-free and parallel operation of WLAN, the radio-based update of LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays, and iBeacon technology is guaranteed.

Wireless ePaper and iBeacon

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